About Us

Founded in 1989, the Finger Lakes Land Trust works to protect the natural integrity of the Finger Lakes Region.

Our Staff

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The Land Trust has over 200 active volunteers. Without the hard work of these many individuals, the Land Trust wouldn't be able to work for land protection. We need your skills, talents and enthusiasm to continue this noble cause.
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Business Members of the Finger Lakes Land Trust

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Our work involves establishing nature preserves, holding conservation easements, educating for responsible stewardship, and working cooperatively with private groups and public agencies. We are a non-profit organization supported by donations from members and grants received from private foundations and government agencies.

Through a variety of means, we have provided protection for thousands of acres of wetlands, streams, meadows, forests, farmlands and shrublands throughout the Finger Lakes Region. These lands are rich with a diversity of wildlife and plants.

We can help you protect your land using conservation easements and other options. Check out how!

The Finger Lakes Land Trust is involved in many land protection projects which we hope will benefit not only the people living in the Finger Lakes area, but all of our future children and grandchildren.