The Land Steward

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Current Issue:

Winter 2004-05 (1.40 MB)


  • Land Trust Looks to Conserve Key Terrain Within Skaneateles Highlands
  • Cayuga Watershed Project Identifies Critical Lands
  • Skaneateles Lake: Local Natural Wonder
  • Perspectives
  • Private Land Conservation in U.S. Soars
  • Land Trust Convenes Partners to Consider Growing Problem of Invasive Plants
  • Volunteer Profile: Mike and Wendi Cartwright
  • Business Partner Profile: BorgWarner Morse TEC Inc.
  • Land Trust Hires Senior Field Representative for Wester Lakes
  • A Closer Look: How to Beat the Freeze
  • Much More!

Past Issues:

Fall 2004 (1.25 MB)


  • Land Gift and Partnership Lead to Protection of Canandaigua Vista
  • Hughes Easement Gift Lauches Ridgeline Conservation Effort
  • Escape to Ellis Hollow Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • Fundraising Makes Key Addition to Lindsay-Parson Preserve Possible
  • New Trail Created at High Vista Preserve
  • Business Partner Profile: Messenger Post Newspapers
  • A Closer Look: The Thrush in My Woods
  • Much More!

Summer 2004 (1.22 MB)


  • New Easements Add to Protected Lands
  • Grants Fuel Watershed Protection Efforts
  • A Walk Through Nundawao: The Great Hill Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • Internship Profiles Community-Bases Land Conservation
  • Volunteer of the Year: Nick Gavrielides
  • Conservationists of the Year: Thomas and Maria Eisner
  • Business Partner Profile: True, Walsh, & Miller
  • A Closer Look: Enigma of the Gray Treefrog
  • Much More!

Spring 2004 ( 3.24 MB)


  • Plymouth Woods is Land Trust's 24th Preserve
  • Land Trust Partners with Tompkins County to Secure State Farmland Protection Grant
  • A Walk Through the Parker Nature Preserve
  • Perspectives
  • Legislative News
  • 2003 Donor Thank You
  • Volunteer Profile: Pam Maurey
  • A Closer Look: Saw-whet Owls Sound Off
  • Much More!

Winter 2003-04 (1.03 MB)


  • Land Trust Preserves Grow Through New Acquisitions
  • Foundation Grants Fuel Watershed Protection Efforts
  • Western Lakes Chapter Update
  • Etna Preserve Happenings
  • Reflections of Conservation: Alien Invaders
  • Legislative News
  • Business Partner Profile: Parksite Plunkett-Webster
  • Volunteer Profile: Nick Gavrielides
  • A Closer Look: Sandhill Cranes
  • Much More!

Fall 2003 (2561 KB)


  • Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve Keeps on Growing
  • A New Tool & A New Partnership
  • Perspectives
  • Keeton and Kingsbury Easements Further the Land Trust's Efforts to Protect Ellis Hollow.
  • Land Trust Launches Effort to Identify and Conserve Lands Within the Cayuga Watershed
  • Legislative News and Western Lakes Chapter Update
  • Volunteer Profile: Mary Woodsen
  • Creative Giving
  • A Closer Look: Lounging Lizards of the Finger Lakes
  • Much More!

Summer 2003 (947 KB)


  • McIlroy Bird Sanctuary Grows with Recent Gift!
  • Perspectives
  • "Doc" Smith, Conservationist of the Year
  • Barb and Meg, Volunteer Team of the Year
  • Can One Person Make A Difference?
  • Scenes from our Nature Preserves
  • Stewardship and the Role of Planned Giving
  • Business Partner Profile: Contento's
  • A Closer Look: Fantastic Fens
  • Much More!

Spring 2003 (729 KB)

  • More than 500 Acres Added to Protected Land
  • Nature's Gift Fundraising Effort Exceeds Goal for Western Lakes
  • Perspectives
  • Volunteer Profile: Barb Hamlin
  • Welcome 10,000 Delights
  • Farm and Forest Forever
  • Land Trust Landscapes: Preserves of the Finger Lakes Land Trust
  • What does nature mean to me?
  • A Closer Look: Spring Peepers
  • Much more!

Winter 2002-03 (380 KB)

  • Land Trust Founder Returns As Its New Director - a closer look at Andy Zepp
  • Lessons from the outdoor classroom
  • WATER The Greatest Treasure Of The Finger Lakes
  • Reflections on Conservation
  • Volunteer profile: John Smith
  • Business Partner Profile: Nolan's Sporting Goods
  • A Closer Look: Citrus Groves & Giant Butterflies of Salmon Creek
  • Much More!

Fall 2002 (316 KB)

  • At The Sign Of The Lone Pine - A Farewell To Gay Nicholson
  • The Fraternal Order Of Snakebite
  • Making the Natural Connection - from the Land Trust Alliance
  • Reflections on Conservation
  • Volunteer profile: Bob Corneau
  • Business Partner Profile: Acorn Designs
  • A Closer Look: Bats
  • Much More!

Summer 2002 (362 KB)

  • Western Lakes Hillside Protected By Conservation Easement
  • Getting to Know the Finger Lakes Through Talks & Treks
  • Sign of the Lone Pine
  • The Ethics of Conservation
  • Conservationist and Volunteer of the Year
  • Business Partner Profile: Superior Disposal
  • A Closer Look: Porcupines
  • Much More!

Spring 2002 (304 KB)

  • The Dorothy McIlroy Bird Sanctuary
  • Cayuga Inlet Valley Conservation Area Protected by Addition to Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve
  • Sign of the Lone Pine
  • The Ethics of Conservation: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sustainable Land Use
  • Volunteer Profile: Emily Eisman
  • Business Partner Profile: Wineries
  • A Closer Look: Black Bear
  • Much More!

Winter 2001-02 (523 KB)

  • Robert and Mary King Preseve Will Protect Tioga County Hills Forever
  • Sing Sing Natural Area In Chemung County Conserved
  • Sign of the Lone Pine: Homeland Security
  • The Ethics of Conservation: Knowing Where We Are
  • Volunteer Profile: Eric Cosman
  • Business Partner Profile: Alternatives Federal Credit Union
  • A Closer Look: The Lakes In Winter
  • Much More!

Cerulean Warbler. Photo by Lang Elliott.





Fall 2001 (498 KB)

  • Steege Hill: Our Newest Preserve
  • Chemung River Watershed
  • The Land Trust's New Office Manager: Abbey Chernela
  • Land Trust 101-- Seeing the Forests AND the Trees: Working Forest Conservation Easements
  • The Ethics of Conservation: Every Day is Thanksgiving
  • Volunteer Profile: Jim Fralick
  • Business Partner Profile-- Performance Systems Contracting: Improving Human Habitat
  • A Closer Look: The Timber Rattlesnake
  • Much More!

Summer 2001 (592 KB)

  • The Southern Rivers Watershed
  • Office Manager Susan Hurwitz Retires
  • The Land Trust Alliance
  • A Lesson From the Misplaced: Find a Sense of Place
  • 2001 Conservationist of the Year: Barbara Keeton
  • 2001 Volunteer of the Year: Dan Hoffman
  • Fire at Wesley Hill Preserve
  • Much More!

Spring 2001 (592 KB)

  • Canandaigua Vista Protected with Gift of Land
  • Wesley Hill Nature Preserve Nearly Quadruples in Size!
  • Land Trust Forms Advisory Council
  • The Birth of the Land Trust Movement
  • Money with a Mission
  • From The Geography of Nowhere
  • Faces of the Land Trust
  • Much More!

Winter 2000-2001 (498 KB)

  • Another Addition to the Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve
  • The Ethics of Conservation - Invasive, Non-native plants
  • At the Sign of the Lone Pine - Gay Nicholson
  • Land Trust 101-Stewardship: The Care, Feeding, and Shelter of Conservation Lands
  • Volunteer Profile - Bill Albern
  • Legislative News
  • Much More!

Fall 2000 (542 KB)

  • The Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve
  • Another Addition to the Salmon Creek Bird Sanctuary!
  • At The Sign Of The Lone Pine -- Gay Nicholson, Executive Director
  • New Conservation Easement in the Wild Hills of South Danby
  • The Ethics of Conservation - Conservation is Good Work-- Wendell Berry
  • Land Trust 101 - The Land Trust Family Tree: Conservation and Community Land Trusts
  • Volunteer Profile: Chris Grant
  • Generation Next: Environmental Education
    in the Classroom-- Emily Goldman
  • A Closer Look- Pretty Wings-- Thomas Eisner
  • Nature Preserve Update
  • Chapter Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Much more!

Summer 2000 (373 KB)

  • A Permanent Home for Our Land Trust
  • At The Sign Of The Lone Pine -- Gay Nicholson, Executive Director
  • An Ethical Approach to Quality -- Carl Leopold
  • Land Trust 101 - The Real Dirt on Agricultural Conservation Easements -- Kat Lieberknecht
  • Conservationist of the Year
  • Nature Preserve Update
  • Chapter Updates
  • Member Updates
  • Much more!

Spring 2000 (316 KB)

  • Salmon Creek Bird Sancuary Expansion Benefits Cerulean Warblers
  • Beech Hill Acquisition
  • At The Sign Of The Lone Pine
  • Land Trust 101 -- How Long Is Forever?
  • The Ethics Of Conservation
  • Chapter Reports
  • Much more!
Winter 1999 (464 KB)
  • New Conservation Easement Protects Hemlock and Canadice Lakes Watershed
  • At The Sign Of The Lone Pine
  • Committee Report
  • Walking Lick Brook
  • Chapter Reports
  • Much more!