How We Can Help You

The Land Trust offers landowners and communities many ways to protect land permanently.

Each decision to protect a property is a personal one. It involves the landowner's financial and tax circumstances, the land resource itself, and the owner's vision for the future of the land. Since every situation is different, the Finger Lakes Land Trust offers several ways of conserving the lands that make up the unique Finger Lakes Region.

For landowners who share the goals of the Land Trust, the options described here are a way to achieve a personal dream— that of forever protecting a special part of the landscape. Some of these conservation techniques involve project costs and long-term stewardship expenses. How these costs are covered varies based on individual project circumstances.

What are your dreams for your land?

Using the following tools, we can help you develop a conservation plan for your land.

Donation of a Conservation Easement: How you can protect your land forever, while keeping it in private ownership
Donation of Land: How you can protect your land by donating it to the Finger Lakes Land Trust
Donation of Other Real Estate: How you can transform other types of real estate—
homes, farms, building lots, commercial property, or open land not suitable for protection—into protected land
Bequest and Living Trust
or Donation of a Remainder Interest: How you can donate your land to the Land Trust, but still retain the right to live on or use the property
Bargain-Purchase of Land: How you can donate part of the value of your land to the Land Trust, while the Land Trust purchases the rest of the value
Right of First Refusal or Purchase of Land: Other ways that you can allow for the possibility of protection of your land

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